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Deep Trough Sheets (DTS)

Sheet width: 1105 mm

Effective coverage: 1000 mm

Depth: 28 mm

Application: roofing and cladding – excellent for most exterior use, including industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. Due to its large effective coverage, DTS is the recommended choice if economy plays a big role in your roofing project. It offers beauty and elegance at a reduced cost!

Strength, durability, beauty and elegance…all that and very economical!

Production length: customer’s specification

Other features:

  • Weather tight side lap – the panels which interlock to create the attractive look also provide for the weather tight seal. They have a deep anti siphon groove which protects against leakage.
  • Superior strength – the major ribs are 200mm apart and approximately 28mm high with 2 minor ribs in between. These minor ribs along with the superior thickness of our materials make this panel extremely strong. This not only adds considerable durability to your building but also prevents rippling during the construction process