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Domod Long Tile (DLT)

Sheet width: 1105mm

Effective coverage: 900mm

Depth: 28mm

Production length: customer’s specification

Application: roofing - DLT is aesthetically more pleasing and usually recommended for roofs with pitches not less than 22.5 degrees.

Other features:

  • Weather tight side lap – the panels which interlock to create the attractive look also provide for weather tight seal. Unlike the other types on the market, DLT has a deep anti siphon groove which protects against leakage.
  • Superior strength – the major ribs are 180mm apart and approximately 30mm high with 2 minor ribs in between. The minor ribs (a feature not found on the other types on the market) along with the superior thickness of our Zincalume / Galvalume sheets make the sheet extremely strong