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Domod Standing Seam (DSS)

Our Standing Seam (DSS) metal roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology in the last 25 years. It fulfills the building owner's need for durable, puncture-resistant protection against the weather while working in concert with the forces of nature.

The DSS, a technology developed by the Germans, has the elegant look of a traditional standing seam roof but with superior performance in terms of strength, durability and leakage resistance. No matter what type of structure customers are considering, DSS roof design presents the value and design flexibility that customers are looking for. DSS comes in various sizes ranging from 300mm to 400mm net panel coverage and has a corrugation depth of 50mm far above the drainage plane.

The integral locking seam is held in place by concealed metal clips. The choice of colours available allows the architect or the homebuilder to coordinate the roof with other design elements of the building. Weather tight side lap – DSS roofs are engineered to withstand all weather conditions. The weather tightness is guaranteed with the capillary groove. Joint less DSS panel ensures that your roof will be leak-free for years to come.

Reliable – DSS roof ensures adequate drainage from rain, thus solving water leakage problems. The system is specially designed to handle the effects from thermal movements. The clips used in the system have a movable feature that allows the panels to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Retrofit – DSS roofs can be installed in most retrofit projects, right over the existing built-up roofs, eliminating costly and time consuming tear-offs. No sealant: DSS is engineered to avoid sealants during the installation process. Sealants in roofs are not reliable due to the fact that they harden and break after a few years leading to possible leakage.

Length of production: DSS can be produced to lengths in excess of 70m. The corrugation depth (50mm) allows for this to be done due to increased second moment of area.

Why choose DSS?

  • Does not require sealant unlike the conventional standing seam
  • Hidden metal fasteners for installation ( no direct nailing)
  • DSS construction allows for thermal expansion
  • Its lightweight makes it suitable for the renovation of old buildings
  • Design flexibility as it allows a wide range of shapes
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Can effectively be used for very low pitched roofs
  • Can be supplied in a variety of thicknesses

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